Drone Roof Survey in Hampshire & Surrey

CAA Registered Drone Pilots for Commercial Operations in the UK

Plan your repairs better

See harder to reach areas and get a clear insight into the potential issues.

Types of Surveys

Surveys for roofs, chimneys, flashings, guttering and general condition.

High Quality Imagery

Our aircraft are equipped with a Hasselblad camera and produce super high-resolution photos and 4K Videos

CAA Approved and Insured

We are registered with CAA GVC Specific Category to do commercial operations in the UK. Insured with £1million fully compliant with EC 785/2004

Drone Roof Survey Hampshire - Aerial photos and videos for Roof, Guttering and Chimneys.

The aerial imageries allow you and your builder/surveyor to see harder to reach areas and get a clear insight into the potential issues with your roof, gutters and chimneys.

Benefits of Drone Roof Survey Vs Traditional Methods

Quicker, Cost-Effective and Far Less Disruptive

Traditional methods of surveying defects and conditions of roofs and buildings with scaffolding are time-consuming and expensive, also they cannot provide the best perspective a drone image can provide.

Drone surveys are quicker, cost-effective and far less disruptive with much fewer Health and Safety risks.

What type of imagery is captured?

We will take both aerial videos and photos of the relevant areas of the roof. High resolution coloured digital photos and 4k video (if needed) are included. You will receive a link to all footage for you to download and keep for future reference.

Does the weather affect a survey?

The weather plays a big part. For drone surveys, the weather has to be dry and calm conditions. Rainy and windy weather are not suitable conditions for a successful and safe drone survey.

How much a Drone Survey Cost?

Drone survey prices are dependent on several factors, starting from £295. No VAT is charged.